Welcome to the KinbiPool Cardano Stakepool!

    Or server uses a high-connectivity network and the best cloud providers to offer a highly reliable staking service. We are committed to keeping high reliability and up-time for our Cardano investors. Our two relay collaborate to spread the blocks faster in the Cardano network and at the same time decentralize the network around the world.

Cardano Stakepools

Let us build a new world financial system different from the delegated financial system, more fair, that like the ancient Greece each polis controlled his own territory, in which it was considered self-sufficient, considering as a supreme ideal the independence and the not submission to any external power, now we no longer need any third party that trusts, who we are or what we have, you will have your own control of the identity and the financial freedom.

We work to see a decentralized world, where no one has to approve what you have and who you are. We work to see a world where votes are fair and give genuine democratic governance and not parliamentary representation.

No work needed

If you choose [KNB]

Your rewards are automatically sent to your wallet every epoch.

Fight Saturation

Delegate to less saturated Pools

Means more rewards and more decentralization to keep healthier the net.

You're safe!

Important things to know about Cardano staking

Your money never goes out from your wallet. Never send it to third parties, and never ever give your Recover phrase to anyone. Your money is never blocked, you can move it, sell it, whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are many ways to adquire ADA. Depending on the country, and its regulations. One of the best options is trough Binance (this is a refered link, with a 10% discount on trading fees). You can also use a service like Kraken or Bittrex where you can buy Cardano with your fiat currency.

    You will have to validate your identity, and once done, you'll be able to buy ADA with the method you find most convenient. With this, you'll be ready to put them in your Cardano Wallet and delegate.

  • Once you got your ADA, you'll have to deposit them in a wallet to your choose, two of the best wallets are Yoroi and Daedalus, once created, you'll recieve a "seed phrase" (12-15 words that you'll have to save in a safe place, imagine them as your password). Even better: if you use a Ledger or Trezor to improve your accounts security.

    To recieve the ADA, you'll need to copy the address located in "recieve", it should start with "addr1q" and contain 103 characters, copy it and in your Binance account, go to retire and put your address, you'll recieve your ADA in around 5 minutes or so.

  • Now that you have your ADA in your Cardano Wallet, you'll be able to participate in the creation of new blocks in the blockchain and recieve a passive income. That's what we call "Delegate", this is what you have to do:

    For Daedalus, on the left, go to the second tab "staking", in the tab "stake pools" you'll find all the Cardano Stake pools, in the search bar, type our Ticker "KNB", click on it, "Delegate to this pool", select your wallet with a minimum of 10 ADA, confirm it, with this operation, a charge of 2 ADA with a fee of ~0.17 ADA will be applied. Once done, you'll be finally part of our pool! You'll have to wait 3 epochs or 15 days to start recieving a passive income of ADA to your wallet once a block with our pool is made, you will be able to see all the rewards in the "rewards tab".

Our Mainnet pool

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[KNB02] kinbiPoolMK2